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Homebuyers, Get Up to $5000 Credit for Closing Cost !!!!!!!!!

What are Closing Cost?

Closing cost are required cash in addition to your down payment. This is the amount a mortgage borrower (buyer) must bring in to close a home loan. These cost include the lender fees, third party charges like title and escrow, and prepaid items like property taxes and homeowners insurance and sometimes inspections.

What is a Closing Cost Credit?

A closing cost credit is simply money given to a buyer at closing. A closing cost credit allows a buyer to avoid using their own cash to pay for fees associated with buying a home. The credit can be given by the seller or either Broker participating in the transaction.

Lender Requirements

Some lenders have restrictions on how much credit a buyer can receive for closing cost. The amount varies with the lender, but it's usually in the range of 3% to 6% of the purchase price.

Cash For Closing Cost

As your broker, Suburban Homes Realty will credit you up to $5000 towards your closing cost. *Some restrictions apply. Purchase price must be $300,000 or higher and the credit will be equal to no more than 1% of the sales price up to $5000 maximum.

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Restrictions: *The credit can not exceed the maximum allowed by lender, underwriter guidelines and/or any local or state laws. Any government, city or state laws in conflict with this offer deems the offer null and void in its entirety at no cost or liability to the Broker or the Broker's affiliates.

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